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Fox Float X2 Factory 2-Position 2023 Rear Shock

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Fox Racing Shox, as it is officially branded, began as a motocross suspension component business in the mid 70's and has since flourished into a pioneer of premium suspension systems for mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks and even snowmobiles. Their research and development is continuous to ensure you get the ride of your life.

Fox Float X2 Factory 2-Position 2023 Rear Shock
Fox Float X2 Factory 2-Position 2023 Rear Shock Fox Float X2 Factory 2-Position 2023 Rear Shock

Game Changer

Combining ultra-plush coil-like comfort and incredible damping prowess with the light weight of an air spring and an unmatched level of tunability, the Float X2 brings new levels of control and performance to every terrain imaginable.

The all-new X2 changes everything, including the game. This award-winning, gravity-defying air shock holds nothing back, especially not you. Boasting a laundry list of advanced features, the Float x2 is ready to clean house.

“Factory” says it all – feature-packed and designed to exceed the demands of our Factory-level riders. What we sell is what they race. Factory Series products feature slippery smooth, ultra-durable Genuine Kashima Coat.


  • New graphics
  • New chassis & damper
  • New high-flow main piston
  • New progressive bottom-out bumper
  • Improved bearing ratio for metric sizes
  • Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on GRIP2 forks and X2 shocks
  • Updated compression ratios, 300psi max
  • Improved high-speed rebound tunability via addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control)
  • Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping
  • Ultra-low-friction, highly durable damper shaft finish
  • Independent firm mode circuit - firmer lockout than previous Float X2
  • Lower friction air seals
  • Reduced length reservoir for better fit on more frames
  • Finned inner body for improved structural rigidity and reduced hysteresis
  • The new X2 family changes everything, including the game


2-Position Sizes

  • Standard Sizes: 210 x 50mm / 210 x 55mm / 230 x 57.5mm / 230 x 60mm / 230 x 65mm
  • Trunnion Sizes: 185 x 50mm / 185 x 55mm / 205 x 60mm / 205 x 65mm


  • Optional 2-position Open/Firm lever (retains high and low speed compression adjustment)
  • High-speed compression - 8 clicks
  • Low-speed compression - 16 clicks
  • High-speed rebound (w/VVC) - 8 clicks
  • Low-speed rebound - 16 clicks

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