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Park PRS15/PCS10/11 Work Tray

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Park Tools, based in Minnesota, are the World's largest bicycle tool manufacturer & have been making bike-specific tools since 1963. Dedication to quality, innovation & customer service, Park Tools is the 1st choice of professional & home bike mechanics.

Park PRS15/PCS10/11 Work Tray
  • A great work stand accessory built to keep tools, lubes and spare parts right at your fingertips
  • The 106 installs easily utilising the exclusive Park Tool receiver pod accessory system found on the PRS-15, PCS-10 and PCS-11, as well as PCS-1, PCS-4 and PCS-9 when used with part 106-AC Accessory Collar (available separately)
  • Perfect for the races, ride support or as a convenient way to keep tools and supplies handy
  • Tray features a universal, large compartment, small compartment, lube holder, integrated tab system holds plastic bag for rubbish, universal tool / towel bar, and two receiver pods to accept accessories
  • Easy to install or disassemble

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