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Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Zot Nano Catalyst

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BrandEffetto Mariposa
A rough summary of the Chaos Theory is that even the smallest changes, within specific environments, are not neglect able. Effetto Mariposa's attention to detail is obsessive, ideal in a sport where win and loss are a matter of fractions of a second.
Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Zot Nano Catalyst

Effetto Caffélatex ZOT! Nano is an instant polymerization catalyser for Caffélatex, useful in case of relevant tyre damages. When the damage size exceeds the maximum sealable by normal tyre sealants (around 5 mm) and Caffélatex sealant escapes the hole without repairing it, ZOT! can be injected through the damage: the catalyzed Caffélatex will then be able to repair damages up to 10 mm (well above the capacity of any liquid sealant).


  • Small size/reduced weight of ZOT! Nano makes it good also for weight conscious cyclists;
  • The metal needle allows precise injection of Caffelatex ZOT! inside smaller punctures;
  • Can be easily opened/re-sealed with a practical silicone plug;
  • Fits under the bottle cage with the provided specific clip.