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Shimano EW-SD300 E-Tube Di2 Electric Wire

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Shimano is a Japanese multinational corporation synonymous with cycling. Constituting 50% of sales in the global cycling market, and with their parts spanning across all types of bicycle, it is a highly reputable business that is constantly developing and innovating its assets.

Shimano EW-SD300 E-Tube Di2 Electric Wire

E-Tube STEPS EP8 uses a fully removable individual cable system enabling fine tuning with the correct cable length to each component for easy and tidy fitment.

The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires not only eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, but provides effortless gear shifts.



E-Tube is Shimano's “service” that uses websites or apps to maximize the enjoyment of riding a bicycle by connecting the riders, the bicycles and Shimano.

Shimano’s genuine application E-Tube Project for Mobile allows you to customize your bike, update firmware, and maintain it by connecting it wirelessly to your bike. You can also get the more detailed bike maintenance by connecting to your bike by wire with E-Tube Project for Windows V4 application.

  • Easily update to the latest firmware with the user-friendly interface
  • Set two e-bike assist profiles to your preference, and customize the assist characteristics according to the riding situation
  • Design your favorite Di2 gearshift in Synchronized Shift
  • Easily adjust both front and rear derailleurs via application


  • More compact design makes new electric components smaller and lighter
  • Will potentially expand the future capabilities of DI2 systems
  • Reliable and secure water resistant connectors
  • EW-SD300 wires use a slim 3.45mm diameter plug, they can be connected to EW-SD50 wires with the use of EW-AD305 adapter
  • EW-SD300 individual wires are available in varying lengths, there is no need (or facility) to cut these cables

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