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661 Recon Advance Jacket Backplate

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661 was established just before the turn of the millennium and they have since developed a massive catalogue of quality protective equipment to keep you covered whilst doing what you love. Full face, trail and freestyle helmets, elbow, shin and knee pads, gloves, body armour and shoes, as well as a concise range of seasonal apparel...

661 Recon Advance Jacket Backplate

This Recon Advance Jacket Backplate with sleeve gives you the Koroyd backplate for your Recon Advance Jacket. It's what you need should your current backplate need replacing after a particularly heavy stack.

When it comes to protection you'll benefit from the Koroyd back protector, the crushable tubes absorbing impact forces while minimising bulk. Meeting EN 1621-2 protection standards, you can be confident of excellent protection, whether hitting a high Alpine flow trail or ripping around mountain bike trails closer to home.

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