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Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Step-Through 2024 Electric Bike

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Suitable forEveryone
Wheel Size28-inch

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bicycles in Dieren, Gelderland, in the Netherlands for more than 125 years. Our bikes are light, high quality and comfortable. We are always thinking about how our design can be smarter and the technology of our e-bikes even more innovative. Gazelle makes about 250,000 bicycles a year. We do this with passion and dedication!

Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Step-Through 2024 Electric Bike
Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Step-Through 2024 Electric Bike Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Step-Through 2024 Electric Bike

Discover the Paris C7+ HMB


With the new Paris C7+ HMB, Gazelle has demonstrated convincingly that a top-quality e-bike can also be achieved on a limited budget. With the Paris C7+, Gazelle designers have added a little extra: increased assistance, more comfort and greater ease of use.

  • Powerful assistance with 50 Nm
  • Suspension front fork and seat post cope with large potholes too
  • Handlebar can be adjusted manually on the go for the ideal position
  • Look and feel of a genuine Gazelle


With the Paris, Gazelle has brought the e-bike back to its essence: a rigid frame and smooth running motor. And all that at an attractive price. In part thanks to the Bosch mid-mounted motor and low step-through, the Paris is an extremely comfortable model. On this bike you will find everything you need for years of cycling fun for which the quality bikes of Gazelle are known.

Front Fork Suspension

This bike has front fork suspension for maximum comfort. This is very handy on uneven surfaces. The suspension absorbs the bumps as much as possible. Your arms and hands are strained less as a result, so you can just relax and enjoy your ride. You can adjust the suspension according to your personal preferences. If you want a little less suspension, you can do this in an instant. Isn't that wonderfully comfortable.

Hydraulic Rim Brakes

The hydraulic rim brakes of Magura are easy to operate. This means you can easily apply pressure on the brakes progressively. More importantly, the hydraulic rim brakes provide high braking power. They respond immediately and function under diverse conditions. So whether you cycle down a hill in the summer or the winter, you can quickly come to standstill.

How Does An Electric Bike Work?

An electric system consists of a number of main components:

  • Battery: Integrated into the luggage carrier or located behind the seat tube (depending on the model)
  • Motor: Built into the frame at the bottom bracket or in the front wheel
  • Display: Fitted on the handlebar
  • Sensors: Every electric system has a speed sensor, which as its name suggests, measures how fast the bike is being ridden. In addition, riding behaviour is determined by a rotation sensor or a pedal force sensor depending on the model. The Impulse system in addition has a fourth sensor, namely the shift sensor. This sensor cuts out assistance for a quarter of a second while you are shifting which enables you to keep on pedalling while shifting.

Together the sensors determine the amount assistance provided by the motor based on your assistance level setting and the pedal force you are applying. You set the assistance level yourself using the handlebar grip control.


Frame and Forks

  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Fork: Aluminium, 40mm travel


  • Rear Derailleur: 7-Speed Shimano Nexus
  • Front Chainwheel: 38 Tooth
  • Rear Chainwheel: 18 Tooth


  • Brakes: Rim Brakes With Hydraulic Control
  • Shifter: 7-Speed Selector


  • Rims: RODI Viper Rims
  • Tyres: Continental CityRide, 28-inch

Finishing Kit

  • Front Light: AXA Blue Line 30
  • Rear Light: Trelock LS 611
  • Handlebars: Aluminium
  • Grips: Gazelle Aerowing
  • Saddle: Selle Royal
  • Kickstand: Drop-Down Rear Stand

Battery Power

  • Motor: Bosch Active Line Plus (50Nm)
  • Display: Bosch Purion LCD
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Walk Assist: Yes

Silver Battery Pack (300Wh)

  • Watt-hours: 300Wh
  • Maximum Range: 85km
  • Amps: 8.3A
  • Eco Range: 85km
  • Tour Range: 50km
  • Sport Range: 40km
  • Turbo Range: 35km

Gold Battery Pack (400Wh)

  • Watt-hours: 400Wh
  • Maximum Range: 110km
  • Amps: 11.1A
  • Eco Range: 110km
  • Tour Range: 60km
  • Sport Range: 45km
  • Turbo Range: 40km

Platinum Battery Pack (500Wh)

  • Watt-hours: 500Wh
  • Maximum Range: 135km
  • Amps: 13.8A
  • Eco Range: 135km
  • Tour Range: 75km
  • Sport Range: 60km
  • Turbo Range: 50km