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Exposure Revo Front LED Dynamo Light & Dynamo Hub

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Exposure Lights is part of the Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) group, founded in 1990. Exposure Lights is based in the South Downs National Park, the prefect testing ground, the arguably the best cycling lights available in the World.

Exposure Revo Front LED Dynamo Light & Dynamo Hub

The Revo is an all new concept for Exposure Lights. For the first time Exposure Lights is doing away with batteries and embracing the latest in dynamo developments. New super-efficient dynamo hubs enable the Revo to be used both on and off road.
This compact dynamo powered light offers an 800 lumen output with the burntime only limited by rider endurance. If you keep pedalling the light keeps shining bright.
With Stand Light Technology, when you stop riding the light dims slightly but remains lit for 10 minutes. It ensures you will still be seen when stopped at junctions. It bounces straight back to full output after a couple of peddle revolutions. There is up to an hour of light produced after this to help with all post ride activities.
The Revo features Smart Port technology allowing an Exposure Red Eye rear light to be used for a complete battery free lighting solution.

  • Output: 800 lumens
  • Power: Dynamo Hub
  • Burn time: Ride duration
  • Emitter: 4 Cree XPG R5 LEDs
  • Stand Light Technology: This ensures the Revo won't leave you in the dark when you stop. It will keep two out of 4 LEDs lit for 10 minutes, ensuring you will still be seen. When you start pedalling again, it'll quickly pick back up to full power.
  • Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+): Patented technology that enables the use of rear lights powered from the Revo.
  • Collimated Lens Technology: Exposure Lights use these high-tech resin lenses which have been extensively researched. These lenses are specifically designed to maximise light collection from the LEDs and efficiently produce an optimum beam pattern for cycling ensuring no light is wasted.
  • Weatherproof Body: CNC machined aerospace grade aluminium body with efficient heat transfer design.
  • Fully manufactured in the UK.
  • Gold plated charge port: The charge port is gold plated for corrosion resistance, more efficient conductivity and it is sealed to a greater level adding protection to your light.
  • Storm Cap: The Smart Port in protected by a silicone cover to stop muddy gloves pushing dirt into the port.
  • Includes: Dynamo Hub and Light
  • Rim brake or Disc brake hubs available
  • Light is black and the hub is either red or Black, depending on choice (Colour option refers to hub)
  • Weight: 87g

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