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DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Pedals

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DMR has dirt in its blood. Since 1995 they have been producing trail and jump bikes as well as a wide range of aftermarket components to tear up the woods. Their developers are continuously working alongside other big names to provide you with reliable and beautiful products.

DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Pedals
DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Pedals DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Pedals DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Pedals

Reborn. Extracted From Water, Destined For Dirt


The new Vault Mag SL MTB pedal is here, born from our quest for production methods that are more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Thanks to the unique use of pressure die casting technology, the Vault Magnesium SL achieves these goals. The combination of lightweight magnesium body and Ti Nitride axle equates to just 332g per pair. When weight and performance are paramount, the Vault Mag SL delivers.

Six benefits of the magnesium casting process:

  • Most of the magnesium used is extracted from seawater
  • Magnesium uses less energy to process the material than aluminium (bauxite)
  • Casting magnesium uses less energy to make the finished product (than CNC aluminium)
  • The casting process wastes very little material
  • Any waste material is recycled on site (zero waste)
  • Magnesium is non-toxic and is very safe for manufacture and use


  • ED Painted black finish only
  • Tried and tested at pro level
  • Trusted Vault platform: 105mm x 105mm
  • 17mm concave footbed
  • Replaceable steel pins and pin upgrade kits available
  • 4140 CroMo steel Axle or Ti Nitride axle SL version
  • Rider weight limit 85kg

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