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DMR Brendog Flangeless Death Grips - Soft Thin


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DMR has dirt in its blood. Since 1995 they have been producing trail and jump bikes as well as a wide range of aftermarket components to tear up the woods. Their developers are continuously working alongside other big names to provide you with reliable and beautiful products.

DMR Brendog Flangeless Death Grips - Soft Thin
DMR Brendog Flangeless Death Grips - Soft Thin DMR Brendog Flangeless Death Grips - Soft Thin DMR Brendog Flangeless Death Grips - Soft Thin

The Brendog Death Grip is Brendan Fairclough's signature DMR grip. Available with 2 different levels of firmness, with or without flanges and in loads of colours to suit all rider preferences. He's just nice like that...

Featuring a single lock-on clamp with protective closed rubber bar end, a comfortable mushroom zone for the forefinger and thumb, half-waffle grip for the other 3 fingers and a micro knurled surface for the palm.

Great performance with or without gloves, wet or dry, whether you're rumbling down the black run or getting sky high over ramps.


  • 25A compound for firm / 20A compound for soft
  • Available flanged or flangeless
  • Available thick or thin (diameter)
  • Various colours to suit all schemes
  • Anodized and laser etched Aluminium lock-on clamp
  • Closed rubber bar end to protect you / your bike / your vehicle
  • Comfy mushroom pattern for forefinger and thumb
  • Knurled surface for confident palm grip
  • Half waffle overlay for extra finger grip when blasting off
  • 120mm grip length, 135mm incl. clamp

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