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Cadex 65 Tubeless Rear Wheel

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Wheel Size700c
Cadex 65 Tubeless Rear Wheel
Cadex 65 Tubeless Rear Wheel Cadex 65 Tubeless Rear Wheel

Superlative lightweight aero performance. With a 22.4 mm rim width and hookless rim design allowing a smaller lighter tire to create a more aerodynamically efficient tire shape and a larger contact patch for more control, the CADEX 65 offers ultralight aero speed while remaining confident and stable under all conditions.

The CADEX Advantage

Hookless carbon rims with custom-calibrated spokes incorporate race-proven Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology and offer outstanding durability and optimal aerodynamics at a super low weight. Combined with purpose-designed hubs that significantly reduce friction to eliminate power loss, CADEX 65 wheels offer watt-saving aerodynamic performance with surefooted stability in shifting winds.

Maximum Power Transfer

With our CADEX Low Friction Hub, we have reduced power loss from the very outset, and with CADEX carbon spokes assembled using Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology, the wheel possesses superior stiffness, resulting in greater transmission efficiency.

Ultra-Light Weight

Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed to create an exceptionally robust structure, while durable and stiff CADEX carbon spokes provide maximum performance without adding any unnecessary weight.

Ulimate Handling

Hookless rim design with a wide inner rim and less overall weight improves responsiveness, acceleration and handling. Precision reinforced carbon lay-up offers unparalleled heat dissipation and, combined with CADEX brake pads, superior braking performance in any conditions.

Optimal Aerodynamics

Significant reductions in front and side drag ensure that these wheels fly, yet remain stable in shifting winds. With the ultralight CADEX carbon spoke’s custom-designed aero shape and the hookless rim design’s optimum flow transition from the tire to the sidewall of the rim, the result is drastically diminished aerodynamic loss and maximum efficiency.


Custom-Tuned DBL Technology

Dynamic Balanced Lacing ensures spokes are set for optimal tension when under dynamic pedalling force versus when static, resulting in superior transmission stiffness and efficiency.

Hookless Rim Design

Provides the best flow transition from the tyre to the sidewall of the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic loss when compared to standard hook bead rims, and featuring a continuous carbon fibre structure enhancing overall durability.

CADEX Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.

Low-Friction Hub

Precision machined internals eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimise rolling resistance.

Aero Carbon Spokes

High tensile-strength CADEX aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing and feature a purpose designed aero shape offering excellent aerodynamic characteristics as well as superior stability in shifting winds, all at the lightest weight possible.


  • Hookless rim design helps reduce aerodynamic loss and, through a continuous carbon fibre structure, enhances overall durability
  • Custom-tuned aero carbon spokes offer excellent aerodynamic characteristics, superior stability in shifting winds an ultra-light weight
  • Custom-Tuned Dynamic Balanced Lacing Technology makes a stiffer, more efficient wheel designed for real-world application
  • Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fibre only where needed, creating an exceptionally solid structure without adding any unnecessary grams
  • CADEX-specific brake pad features a specifically designed channel to optimise water displacement as well as an all-new compound allowing the pad to conform better to the brake track, resulting in more precise and effortless braking
  • Low friction hub eliminates bearing friction, reducing potential watt loss


  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Rim Type: Hookless Clincher (Tubeless)
  • Rim Height: 65mm
  • Rim Outer Width: 26mm
  • Rim Inner Width: 22.4mm
  • Front Hub: CADEX Low Friction Hub, Centerlock
  • Rear Hub: CADEX Low Friction Hub, Ratchet Driver
  • Freehub Compatibility: Shimano 11 / SRAM XDR 12
  • Bearing: Precision Sealed Cartridge
  • Front Axle: Titanium 5 x 100mm Quick Release
  • Front Axle: Titanium 5 x 130mm Quick Release
  • Spokes: Aero Carbon Spoke
  • Front Lacing: Straight pull, 16 Hole
  • Front Lacing: DBL, 21 Hole
  • Nipple Type: Alloy
  • Weight: 1425g
  • Weight Limit: 285 lbs / 129 kg