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Hope Headset Cartridge Bearing


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Hope Technology is based in Lancashire, North UK and operates a 24-hour facility to produce premium quality CNC machined and anodised bike parts. Their top-notch products range from hydraulic disc brakes, hubs and wheels, stems and cranks to high output lights, and much more. The precision and tolerance of their products guarantees the highest performance and longevity.

Hope Headset Cartridge Bearing

Genuine Hope headset bearing.


  • 1 1/8 Headset Bearing - ID: 30.15mm | OD: 41mm | Depth: 6.5mm | 36°/45°
  • 1.5 Headset Bearing - ID: 40mm | OD; 52mm | Depth: 7mm 45°/45°
  • 42mm Cup 8 Headset Bearing - ID: 30.5mm | OD: 41.8mm | Depth: 6.5mm | 45°/45°