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Bosch PowerPack 300 Frame Type Battery Pack

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Bosch PowerPack 300 Frame Type Battery Pack

Replacement or upgrade frame-mounted battery for Bosch powered e-bikes.

Suitable for e-bikes that use Bosch Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line or Performance Line CX drive systems with the frame mounted battery.

Also available for the same range of drive systems that use the battery compatible pannier rack.

The PowerPack 300 is the most economical in the Bosch PowerPack range. Offering the lightest overall weight but requiring slightly more frequent (but faster) charging sessions. However with the correct mode management i.e. using eco mode whenever possible and also only engaging the motor when required can maximise the distance achievable on one charge.


  • Retrofit product for the end customer
  • Integrated battery management system ensures high mileage and long service life
  • No memory effect and no self-discharge
  • Fully charged in 2.5 hours; half-charge in 1 hour

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