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Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display Unit Retrofit Kit

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Bosch Intuvia E-Bike Display Unit Retrofit Kit

Operate your electric bike intuitively with easy to read backlit display. Featuring off-console controls to change modes without removing your hands from the bars, and comprehensive information to ensure you are optimising your power and are in the right gear.

This kit can be retrofitted to 2014 onwards Bosch equipped electric bikes. Please note this is not a conventional data computer for regular bicycles - It is an interface for E-bikes that use Bosch battery/motor systems only.


  • Mounts to handlebars quickly with bolted clamp
  • 4 power modes including manual operation: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo
  • Displays current speed, current power mode, battery life
  • Includes other features such as top speed, average speed, total distance
  • Bar mounted controls for safer more convenient operation
  • Backlight toggles on/off depending on lighting conditions

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