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Cadex Boost Saddle

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Cadex Boost Saddle
Cadex Boost Saddle Cadex Boost Saddle Cadex Boost Saddle Cadex Boost Saddle

The ultra-light CADEX Boost sets new standards in weight, rider support and comfort. Marrying the exclusive AFCT base and Integrated Rail Design has yielded a revolutionary carbon composite frame that provides maximum power transfer and compliance without extra grams, as our unique Particle Flow Technology provides the ultimate in rider support and comfort.


Particle Flow Technology

Free-flowing, CADEX-specific ETPU particles, strategically placed in two separate pockets at the contact area, mould to the rider’s unique pelvic contact condition. This eases pressure points and distributes that pressure across a broader contact area for a firmer, more comfortable ride.

Advanced Forged Composite Technology

A state-of-the-art high-pressure moulding process used to produce complex-shaped carbon fibre components creates a unique two piece saddle frame that yields the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Integrated Rail Design

Relieves pressure points by positioning the saddle rail connections to the base in an area that’s not a contact point for riders. The shape of the rails also helps dissipate road vibration, and by eliminating the overlapping joint area normally found on saddles, unnecessary weight is avoided.


  • Advanced Forged Composite Technology (AFCT) provides a stiff carbon composite frame that eliminates unwanted flex for maximum power transfer
  • Integrated Rail Design relieves pressure points and maximizes dissipation of road vibration
  • Smooth edges on the truncated nose reduce the chance of friction from pedaling
  • Free-flowing CADEX-specific ETPU particles help reduce pressure points by distributing weight across a broader contact area for a firmer, more comfortable ride


  • Weight: 138g
  • Rail Material: Carbon with Advanced Forged Composite Technology
  • Rail Size: 9mm, Integrated Rail Design
  • Shell: Advanced Forged Composite Technology
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Padding: EVA+ETPU Particle Flow
  • Width: 149mm
  • Length: 246mm
  • Stack Height: 44mm
  • Uniclip: Compatible