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Look Geo Trekking Pedal

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With over 20 years experience, LOOK is one of the World’s most innovative cycling companies and crafts the finest carbon fibre framesets. LOOK built the first carbon fibre frame to win the Tour de France in 1986 & is the inventor of the clipless pedal.
Look Geo Trekking Pedal
Look Geo Trekking Pedal Look Geo Trekking Pedal

We are proud to present you the new range of Geo Trekking pedals, our new standard when it comes to hybrid pedals, featuring one flat and one automatic side.


Right now, mobility is the word on everyone’s lips.

The emergence of E-Bikes is bringing about new forms of simpler, more environmentally-friendly mobility, sustainably transforming our city centers, our roads and our way of getting around. Bolstered by 35 years of experience in the design of pedals, Look has always striven to respond to these new expectations with a well-considered, designed and tested range of products aiming to help and accompany users in their attempts to sustainably change the way they get around.

One Clipless Side

The Geo Trekking pedal range has been designed to support you in your everyday journeys, between office and home, in the city, on cycle lane, amongst traffic or simply when adventure calls and you set off on roads or trails, in search of new horizons. Featuring a flat side and a clipless side, their versatility means that they can tackle every situation and all conditions, providing unparalleled freedom of spirit.

The Clipless side is based on a mechanism compliant with the micro cleat standard, compatible with SPD cleat. This mechanism features across the entire range and enables simple and secure clip-in and clip-out. The retention adjustment system enables an adjustment from 5 to 10. All the pedals are supplied with the EASY cleat with 30% easier clip-in and more natural multidirectional clip-out, offering the possibility of a movement combining rotation and traction.

One Flat Side

The Geo Trekking model features a body made from injected composite and lightweight molded spikes thus being suitable for a broad scope of practice.


  • Technology: Hybrid Pedals = Half Flat + Half Clipless
  • Cleat: Easy
  • Cleat Standard: Spd Compatible
  • Release Angle: 13°
  • Retention: 5 - 10
  • Body: Composite
  • Traction: Composite Studs
  • Spindle: Chromoly +
  • Platform Width: 84mm
  • Q Factor: 56mm
  • Pedal Weight: 203g
  • Weight Pair + Cleat: 461g

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