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Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur

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Shimano is a Japanese multinational corporation synonymous with cycling. Constituting 50% of sales in the global cycling market, and with their parts spanning across all types of bicycle, it is a highly reputable business that is constantly developing and innovating its assets.

Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur
Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Shimano Cues RD-U6070 Di2 11-Speed Rear Derailleur

Digital Integrated Intelligence or Di2: with programmed automatic motion at the touch of a switch. The Cues RD-U6070 Di2 rear derailleur is quick, smooth and effortless, making for unmatched drivetrain efficiency no matter what the riding conditions.

Comfortably smooth and intuitive auto-shifting rear derailleur. Keep your focus and enjoy comfortably smooth pedaling with the inspiring and intuitive automatic shifting of the Shimano Cues RD-U6070 rear derailleur.



Thanks to its lightning-fast, accurate, and reliable shifting performance, Di2 puts riders in complete control and ensures a seamless interface between the cyclist and bike like never before. Creating and continually improving the world's best shifting is a complicated undertaking requiring constant technological advancements. From hardware to software, Shimano Di2 technology is on the cutting edge, striving to deliver the best rider experience possible now and in the future.

Comprised of small junctions, wires, batteries, and mechanical units, Shimano Di2 looks and feels like a simple system, but it's packed with intricate functions and leading-edge technology. The Di2 platform is complex with many important pieces that must work seamlessly together to achieve Shimano's hallmark precise shift action.

Mechanical units - The small Di2 mechanical units in the front and rear derailleurs precisely control the movement of each derailleur to provide a perfect, crisp shift every time. The powerful, lightweight motors deliver faster and more reliable shifting in all conditions and all terrain.

Di2 Battery: Di2 was first introduced with an externally mounted battery. But soon afterwards updates included an internal battery option that tucks away inside a bike frame or seat post for convenience and a sleek look. The lightweight, lithium-ion Di2 battery delivers exceptional battery life for less frequent charging; ranging from weeks to months depending on riding habits.

D-Fly: Shimano D-Fly is the bridge between Di2 hardware and software technology. They enable connectivity between Di2 systems and ANT+/Bluetooth compatible accessories like cycling GPS computers and lights. They also create a wireless connection with Shimano's E-Tube Project Cyclist for smartphones and so riders can customize shifter setup, check for firmware updates, and troubleshoot any component issues.


E-Tube is Shimano's “service” that uses websites or apps to maximize the enjoyment of riding a bicycle by connecting the riders, the bicycles and Shimano.

Shimano’s genuine application E-Tube Project Cyclist allows you to customize your bike, update firmware, and maintain it by connecting it wirelessly to your bike. You can also get the more detailed bike maintenance by connecting to your bike by wire with E-Tube Project Professional application.

Auto Shift

Shimano develops every part of Shimano's revolutionary Auto Shift system in-house, allowing us to create targeted value for various riding styles. Auto Shift for e-city and e-trekking enhances cruising enjoyment with a consistent pace and intensity decided by the rider. Auto Shift for E-MTB is designed to help trail riders keep their flow while making their way up, down, and around the mountain. Shimano's new automatic shifting system combines automatic convenience with manual control. Shimano Auto Shift is designed to keep you in the right gear for each moment, while also allowing you to make manual shifts any time you want to override the shifting algorithm.

Auto Shift for e-city and e-trekking delivers comfortable pedalling throughout your ride and eliminates gear shifting stress. Thought-Free Shifting helps you ride with a smooth and steady pace when riding uphill, into headwinds, or when you're feeling worn out. Auto Shift also supports controlled and efficient pedalling after long descents down hills or bridges.

Auto Shift makes e-city and e-trekking easier than ever by automatically shifting you into a lighter gear while coasting or coming to a stop. So when it's time to go, you always start smoothly and under control.

How it works?

  • Auto Shift is an automatic shifting technology that monitors your pedalling dynamics to keep you in the right gear and focused on what matters in every moment.
  • Multiple system sensors continually measure your cadence, torque, and speed to automatically move you into the optimal gear without requiring you to shift manually.
  • As your speed and cadence slow and torque increases, the system selects an easier gear. When you start pedalling and speed up, the system shifts to a higher gear for you, so you can always be in the right gear at the right time. Focus on what matters with Auto Shift.


  • Auto Shift while pedalling is compatible with e-bikes equipped with Di2 shifting and an 11-speed or 10-speed LinkGlide drivetrain
  • Auto Shift while coasting is compatible with e-bikes equipped with Di2 shifting and a 12-speed HYPERGLIDE+, or a 10-speed/11-speed LinkGlide drivetrain

Free Shift

Free Shift for e-MTB helps you emerge from every descent and corner with the more controlled flow by eliminating the need to pedal while shifting.

Free Shift for e-MTB reimagines mountain biking control by helping riders stay focused on the trail and their body positioning while cornering and descending.

Being able to shift to the right gear without pedalling will change how you think about cornering. Free Shift helps you focus on planning your line and maintaining a stable body position for greater control and acceleration after corners.

Free Shift for e-MTB helps you keep a stable body position by allowing you to change gears mid-descent without pedalling. Riders with Free Shift can emerge from descents prepared for trail changes and avoid spin-outs or being overgeared.

How it works?

  • Free Shift is available on compatible E-Bikes with Di2 shifting. While coasting, the drive unit uses just enough power to rotate the chainring and cassette to smoothly complete shifts and does not affect the acceleration of the E-Bike.

How to operate.

  • You can quickly change your experience by selecting either Automatic Free Shift or Manual Free Shift in the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app.
  • Enjoy greater concentration with Automatic Free Shift. Automatic mode uses your speed and app settings to shift gears while coasting so you can resume pedalling in the right gear. Even when set to Automatic, riders can still shift manually at any moment to prepare for upcoming trail changes.
  • Manual Free Shift is for seasoned and confident riders who prefer to control their pedal-Free Shifting with DEORE XT's ergonomically designed switch.

Shimano Shadow RD

The mechanism rear derailleur, Shimano Shadow RD, is intended for more aggressive riding. Its super low profile design carries many benefits. Because of its low profile and single tension construction, the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. The result is smooth and silent performance.


Shimano LinkGlide sets a new standard for smooth and reliable shifting. Its robust original design delivers far greater durability and smooth shifting for long-lasting performance.

3 Times More Durable

Drivetrain durability is essential for high torque e-bikes and daily riders who might ride in the same gear for months or years at a time. LinkGlide provides smooth and decisive shifting that lasts longer than ever before.

    Increased Longevity / Less Skipping

    LinkGlide's re-designed cassette teeth have a substantially thicker base and a unique chamfer that drastically improves wear resistance in high torque applications. This increase in cassette durability prolongs smooth driving performance and lengthens the amount of time before chain skips caused by wear start to happen.

    Robust Teeth Design

    A major advantage of the LinkGlide platform is that the robust teeth shape provide excellent durability and improved wear resistance. This is very important because riders who often buy bikes at this level, choose bikes with gearing but may forget to shift or maintain their bikes as often as they should.

3 Times Smoother

LinkGlide provides smooth shifting while pedalling for a consistent and confident ride experience. LinkGlide's optimized gear gate design makes shifting smoother with significantly less shock.

    Smoother pedalling from start to finish

    Crank idling angle during up/outward shifts (lower = smoother).

    LinkGlide delivers up to three times smoother performance by improving the chain's flow between cogs. This smoother handoff reduces the stress of shifting shock for more seamless and enjoyable riding.

    LinkGlide's optimized shifting gate design that creates a smoother handoff between cogs to avoid the jumps that can impact shifting and pedalling smoothness. This design improvement is especially pronounced on outward shifts where pedalling shock is more noticeable due to the larger forces involved.


  • Programmed automatic motion at the touch of a switch makes this derailleur quick, smooth and effortless to shift
  • The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires not only eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching
  • Using Shimano's shadow plus technology and lowest profile to date, the M8150 will help you squeeze through the narrowest of trails without worry
  • Derailleur contains a saver (fuse) function, where the inner structure is protected from strong impacts
  • Aluminium pulley plates for weight saving and durability
  • Specifically designed to work with 11-speed cassette and drivetrain
  • 11-speed E-tube Di2 compatible


  • Max Low Sprocket: 50T
  • Total Capacity: 39T (Di2 System Limited)

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