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Shimano Acera RD-M3020 8-Speed Rear Derailleur

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Shimano is a Japanese multinational corporation synonymous with cycling. Constituting 50% of sales in the global cycling market, and with their parts spanning across all types of bicycle, it is a highly reputable business that is constantly developing and innovating its assets.

Shimano Acera RD-M3020 8-Speed Rear Derailleur

Acera mountain bike rear derailleur with light action operation and over-size pulleys for a wide gear choice.

Double Servo rear derailleur with smooth, precise shifting performance and wide-range capability.

The Shimano Acera M3020-8 rear derailleur with Double Servo technology helps you ride challenging terrain with fewer interruptions.


Double Servo

Shimano's double servo-panta mechanism enables the rear derailleur to move in an optimum path.

The guide pulley tracks the cogs closely while moving front to back, optimizing each shift. Perfect tracking contributes to the most accurate SIS shifting.

Keeps rear derailleur guide pulley an optimum distance from each sprocket.

HG Chain Design for HyperGlide+

HyperGlide+ dedicated chain delivers greater chain retention, improved shifting efficiency, and smoother transmission over rough terrain.

Benefits and Features:

  • Improved chain retention encourages more aggressive all-terrain riding and relieves chain-issue anxiety
  • Smoother drivetrain transmission and enhanced shifting performance sharpens riders’ concentration and improves acceleration
  • Better chain engagement cuts abrasion, reduces maintenance, and lengthens the lifespan of the chain

Revamped HG chain features an extended inner link plate that connects seamlessly with new chainring tooth shape for ultra-efficient drivetrain performance.

This design change reduces the vibrations normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the chainring, and provides better chain engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling.


  • Oversize 13-tooth tension and guide pulleys to reduce noise and wear
  • Extension spring and low-friction fluorine-coated link pivot bushing result in a light shifting action
  • Top normal spring for use with Rapidfire shifters
  • IG and HG chain, 7- and 8-speed compatible

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