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Campagnolo Ekar 13-Speed Cassette

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Campagnolo is a premium road cycling brand with deep heritage, founded and based in Vicenza Italy. The meticulous production and end results of their groupset components are unmatched, and their hand-built wheels are some of the best in the industry. Carbon and Titanium is used in abundance for ultimate durability and the lowest weight possible.

Campagnolo Ekar 13-Speed Cassette
Campagnolo Ekar 13-Speed Cassette Campagnolo Ekar 13-Speed Cassette Campagnolo Ekar 13-Speed Cassette

The 1x system works best for gravel, with the 13-speed configuration enabling that to work across a full range of gearing ratios – and what underpins that is the use of a 9-tooth sprocket.

The precise 13-speed Ekar is available in three gearing variants, reflecting the different specialisms within the diverse gravel scene, and each providing the smoothest gearing progression and the optimum delivery of range. On all three options, single-tooth steps across the six smaller sprockets provide the most consistent cadence progression with smooth, efficient changes. Gradually increasing wider spacing features on the larger half of the sprockets. This delivers a natural riding experience and helps you get the best from your performance on testing trails and tough terrain. The three options' more widely spaced top end provide the most compact set for loaded endurance events, and the longest for full-on adventure riders. The bespoke cassette configurations are each paired with suitable – yet easily changeable – single front rings to provide maximum range, smooth steps and ultimate efficiency – and unlike 2x systems there is simply no wastage. Two of the three cassette options feature a 9-tooth cog. Extensive comparative tests have demonstrated that the 9-tooth is as efficient as any 10 or 11-tooth sprocket on any system, with no additional friction across its narrow-wide teeth, so you don't lose any of the wattage you produce.

Each cassette is built on two blocks, split 4- and 9-sprockets for the configurations featuring a 9-tooth, and 3-/10-sprockets for the range starting with a 10-tooth. For enhanced mechanical resistance, heat-treated carbon steel is used for the core of both blocks, and benefit from a nickel-chrome-satin surface treaent which reduces wear and friction, delivering the optimum durability for gravel riding. It sits on a new freehub driver body – called N3W – that features on the lightweight carbon Campagnolo Shamal wheelset, with a wide range of compatible wheelsets to follow. N3W is highly versatile, featuring the same groove profiles as the classic Campagnolo body, but 4.4mm shorter and lighter. With appropriate lockrings and adaptors, N3W is also compatible with all current and forthcoming Campagnolo 12-, 11- and 10-speed systems, with retro-fit kits including readily available. As all current disc brake Campagnolo HH12 wheelsets are N3W-compatible you can easily update your wheels ready to run them with Ekar – switching wheelsets is easy and quick!

Campagnolo's considerations behind the available gearing ratios smooth shifting is fundamental to the design of Ekar's gravel and all-road specific cassettes. And their tough, durable yet efficient build matches the clever maths perfectly to life on the gravel trails of Italy’s Mt Ekar, and wherever in the world your adventures will take you! 13 sprockets make the logic of a road 1 x system possible. And it's the introduction of the 9-tooth cog that makes Ekar work so perfectly for gravel and all-road riding. Not only is a wide range of gear ratios possible, but natural, progressive cadence-matching shifts are maintained, offering a uniquely satisfying ride. The range of gears offered by these cassettes match or exceed any 2x system with no wastage. Closer low gear spacing for smooth cadence progression is matched with wider high gear spacing for top end speed on a 1x13 system.

With the new, lightweight and versatile N3W driver body and a 2-block design to combine steel strength and alloy weightsaving, the Ekar cassettes come with three gearing options – 9-36, 9-42 and 10-44 – ready for every specialism of gravel riding and every kind of rider.



N3W is our future: a single standard to manage all the Campagnolo cassettes… present, past and... still to come!


  • Designed specifically for Ekar 1x13 groupsets
  • Suitable for Gravel and All-Road riding
  • Constructed from durable steel and lightweight alloy
  • Compatible with the Campagnolo N3W freehub body
  • 13-speed – full range to match or exceed any 2x systems, with no wastage
  • 9-tooth sprocket – allows full range with zero drop in efficiency
  • Compact – narrow design with quick changes, lightweight, improved chain security
  • Durable – tough materials and design, with no weight penalty
  • Three range options available – for every gravel specialism: 9-36; 9-42; 10-44
  • Closer low gear spacing – creating natural cadence progression
  • Wider higher gear spacing – creating top-end speed options
  • 2-piece block – blends strength of steel with light weight of alloy
  • Works with new N3W driver body – for great versatility and full compatibility


  • Weights: 340g (9-36 Tooth) / 390g (9-42 Tooth) / 410g (10-44 Tooth)
  • Combinations:
    • Endurance: 9-36 Tooth (9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-20-23-27-31-36)
    • Gravel Race: 9-42 Tooth (9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-21-25-30-36-42)
    • Gravel Adventure: 10-44 Tooth (10-11-12-13-14-15-17-20-23-27-32-38-44)

Note: Please ensure you have a 13x compatible wheelset to be use this product.

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