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DexShell Cycling Skull Cap

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Consistently keeping ahead of advancements in technology is what enables DexShell’s protective gear to be so effective at repelling the outdoor elements, even in the most challenging of conditions.

DexShell Cycling Skull Cap

The DexShell Skull Cap is designed to be worn underneath the helmet in poor weather to keep body warmth in and moisture out. Loads of heat is lost through the head especially when exercising, and increased muscle tension as a result of prolonged cold exposure can really affect your performance.

The cap also covers the ears to keep the wind from whistling, and has a 4-way stretch design for a snug fit on all head sizes.


  • Thermal and waterproof properties
  • Super lightweight and streamlined
  • Casual and discreet design
  • 4-way stretch - One size fits most

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