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DexShell Heavy Duty Cycling Overshoes

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Consistently keeping ahead of advancements in technology is what enables DexShell’s protective gear to be so effective at repelling the outdoor elements, even in the most challenging of conditions.

DexShell Heavy Duty Cycling Overshoes

DexShell Overshoes made fom high quality Neoprene to keep rain, puddle splashes and debris from wetting / damaging your shoes. And having wet feet is just generally unpleasant...

They feature reflective strips, cut-out lowers for any type of cleat, and water repellent zipper. This option is slightly heavier duty than the lightweight version, offering additional wind and water protection with a very small weight penalty.

Sizing (UK):

  • Small: 3-5
  • Medium: 6-8
  • Large: 9-11
  • X-Large: 12+

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