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MRP Hazzard 2023 Rear Shock

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ColourOrange / Black
Mountain Racing Products (MRP) produces chain guides for extreme mountain biking. Their products have a high regard and are extremely popular, with models to fit a wide range of frames the World over.
MRP Hazzard 2023 Rear Shock

Just like Hazzard is most rider’s favorite section of Moab’s Whole Enchilada trail, the Hazzard shock may just be the favorite part of your bike. It delivers grin-inducing performance that remains consistent, top to bottom. And, the Shred Lever™ firms things up so you can head back up for more.

The Hazzard is the new go-to for riders who won’t compromise on performance or control. The Hazzard gives you all the benefits of coil-sprung suspension (supple action, lower friction, longer service life, and more consistency) and control over both high and low-speed compression damping, rebound, and spring preload. If that weren’t enough, the Hazzard features a convenient low-speed compression switch that firms up the shock immensely for sustained climbs and stage transfers - where saving energy is paramount. Plus, with their new Progressive Springs, you can use the Hazzard on bikes that previously required air shocks!


  • Developed specifically for the needs of all-mountain and enduro riders.
  • Features the Shred Lever™ which when engaged reroutes oil through an additional shimmed flow path to greatly boost low-speed compression damping. Say goodbye to energy-sapping suspension movement when you’re hoofing it up steep routes to access rad descents!
  • Can be paired with MRP’s lightweight Enduro SL springs or Progressive Springs, which increase in spring rate late in stroke to provide additional ramp-up and bottom-out control. These springs can be used with bikes featuring linear or modestly progressive leverage curves that traditionally needed air shocks.
  • Large 14mm diameter shaft and reinforced eyelet joint for better durability with frames utilizing Clevis mounting and/or linkage yokes.
  • Includes seven additional decals in various colors for matching to bike.


  • Adjustments: Precisely-indexed control of rebound, low-speed compression, and high-speed compression damping.
  • Options: Available in standard and metric sizing (with traditional eyelet, bearing (8x30mm), and trunnion mounts) and with either an anodized orange or black main body.
  • Spring Compatibility: Natively compatible with their lightweight Enduro SL and Progressive springs. Adaptable for use with their standard steel springs with their "Spacer Kit B".
  • Weight: 867g (230 x 60mm with 500 lb. Enduro SL spring)

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