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Campagnolo Ghibli Tubular Track Rear Wheel

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Wheel Size700c
Tyre TypeTubular

Campagnolo is a premium road cycling brand with deep heritage, founded and based in Vicenza Italy. The meticulous production and end results of their groupset components are unmatched, and their hand-built wheels are some of the best in the industry. Carbon and Titanium is used in abundance for ultimate durability and the lowest weight possible.

Campagnolo Ghibli Tubular Track Rear Wheel

Campagnolo is quite proud of its glorious track record with the Ghibli disc wheel, the very first tenso-structure wheel ever introduced in the cycling world.

Despite the fact that the Ghibli was still very competitive with newer models, the R&D; department at Campagnolo sought to take lessons from this iconic wheel and build upon them in order to produce the next generation of extreme performance.

Incorporation of carbon fiber throughout in addition to completely new construction techniques give the new wheelset an ultralight build while not sacrificing its performance attributes.

Not only have these wheels passed strict lab tests, they have already played a key part in numerous track victories such as Alex Dowsett's Hour Record in 2015 and Filippo Ganna's victory at the world championships, not to mention in the Canadian and British national championships and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Main Benefits

Ultra-Light Structure

  • Introduction of full carbon-fibre wheel
  • Fewer materials used more efficiently

Greater Stiffness And Reactivity

  • Built using brand new techniques
  • The stiffest of the main disc wheels on the market

Increased Solidity And Stability

  • The new structure and design transmit power for forward movement rather than for lateral bending or torsion


CULT - Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology

Campagnolo’s finest ceramic bearings are fitted to only the very best hubs and cranksets, and are a significant upgrade from all other bearings. Their premium quality ceramic balls are incredibly round and hard, and rotate within wear-resistant stainless steel races, which are engineered to micron-precise tolerances, maximising efficiency and durability. They won’t deform or corrode, perform consistently over time, and only need periodic cleaning then lubricating with light synthetic oil.

CULT bearings have a friction coefficient 40% lower than standard sealed bearings, and in tests, can spin for 5 ½ times longer.

Campagnolo Wheel Identification Card

Since its birth over 80 years ago Campagnolo has been dedicated to continuous innovation in order to produce the best, most competitive and reliable products possible. To continually push the limits in this way is the work of the engineers of the Campy Tech Lab. Even the smallest details and material choices are painstakingly scrutinized in an effort to produce what is often to become the newest performance standard. As a result, our testing department is one of the most important areas of the entire operation and each and every product must go through strenuous and extreme testing before it earns the right to bear the Campagnolo name. Campagnolo test at levels above and beyond anything required and as a result produce products that are a step ahead.

  • Fatigue test: before the manufacturing stage, each wheel and each of its components are subjected to long and very challenging tests that ensure the durability and performance over time.
  • Crash test: simulates the impact of the wheel in differing situations. Campagnolo crash tests have successfully passed all requirements stipulated by the UCI.
  • Tyre burst test: all Campagnolo wheels are tested at inflation pressures well above those indicated on the tyre.
  • Environment test: exposure to UVA and UVB rays, salt attack and exposure to moisture: these are the tests that all Campagnolo wheels must pass to ensure maximum performance and reliability over time.

100% Manually assembled and Electronically checked.

The extensive attention to detail and testing mentioned above may be sufficient for some companies to ensure the quality of their product but not for Campagnolo. To ensure the quality of each and every wheel the standards applied to the production process must be then verified on each and every final product at the end of fabrication. Campagnolo made a clear and bold decision: to assemble each wheel manually and submit it to a series of final inspections that guarantee their quality.

Only through in-depth inspection, both manual and digital, of each and every piece of every final product that leaves the premises can Campagnolo be 100% sure of the exact same quality for each and every wheel that bears the Campagnolo name.

  • Balancing: guarantees the absence of vibrations at fast speed.
  • Lateral and radial control: guarantees the perfect alignment of the wheel to ensure precise rolling of the wheel.
  • Camber: ensures the perfect symmetry of the wheels with the bicycle.
  • Spokes tension: ensures optimal balance at every point of the wheel.
  • Rolling torque of the hub: ensures a perfect adjustment of the hubs.



  • Aluminium hub
  • CULT bearings
  • Hub edge: 100mm (front), 120mm (rear)
  • Hub material: Aluminium
  • Cup-and-cone bearing system
  • Standard front + rear track nut interface and 12mm front pivot version


  • Wheel for tubular tyre


  • Profile Height: 20mm


The Ghibli wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo wheels.


  • User manual

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