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BlueGrass Legit Helmet

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A new brand, Bluegrass produce a range of Full Face and Dirt helmets which offer great value for money, and innovative protection gear using D3O materials. Bluegrass produce products that perform in the most demanding conditions and are "combat ready".
BlueGrass Legit Helmet
BlueGrass Legit Helmet BlueGrass Legit Helmet

The Bluegrass Legit is a budget-friendly full-face helmet equipped with many racing-inspired features.


Race Construction

The composite fiberglass shell is paired with a multi-impact EPS liner.

This incredibly lightweight construction provides safe impact performance exceeding bicycle certifications: ASTM F1952-15, ASTM F2032-15.

Safety-Release and Flexible Visor

The Legit features a flexible safety-release visor to avoid twisting of the neck in impacts from any angle.

Hearing Vents

Hearing is not distorted and there are no negative affects to balance for optimum performance.

Removable Padding

The Legit Carbon is suitable for all head shapes and sizes, thanks to its meticulously refined internal shaping.

The soft padding can be removed and washed, extending the life to the helmet.

Air Channeling

Vents and channeling are optimised for all day park session, with two big exhaust holes working in synergy with the EPS channels - keeping you feeling refreshed at both low and high speed.

Breathable Chin Guard

The ASTM certified chin guard hosts three wide vents that allow you to breathe easily.

ASTM is the only standard testing the safety of the chin guard. We use the most stringent standard there is, to give you peace of mind wearing our new Legit in downhill races where you need the best protection possible.


  • Fiberglass outer shell with EPS liner
  • Safety-release visor system
  • Anti-twisting flexible visor
  • 11 Vents
  • Breathable chin guard
  • Hearing vents
  • Fully removable hand washable padding
  • MX style straps
  • Double-D Buckle
  • Helmet soft bag
  • Inflatable emergency release system compatible
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Goggle compatible
  • Certifications CE; AS/NZS; ASTM

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