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Shokz Openrun Pro Mini Headphones

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Shokz (formerly Aftershokz) headphones use bone-conduction which is a natural part of our everyday hearing, to channel micro-vibrations through the wearer's cheekbones and ear canal. This provides crisp audio delivery without compromise of spacial awareness which is ideal for use in congested areas.

Shokz Openrun Pro Mini Headphones
Shokz Openrun Pro Mini Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Mini Headphones

A long-expected smaller size is available now.


We know you have been waiting for this! The OpenRun Pro Mini - Shokz most advanced headphones are now made more comfortable for those with smaller heads. With a half-inch shorter headband the OpenRun Pro Mini feels more secure, stable and light for those who find the standard headband a little too roomy.

Small In Size But Big In Features

With all the same technology as the OpenRun Pro (standard version), OpenRun Pro Mini is only different from the standard version in size.

Have you ever thought about how the size shrink will benefit you? If you already own a pair of Shokz headphones, you might know there will be a behind-head section that wraps around your head. If the band is large for you, it may bounce a little bit while you are doing some intense exercise or endurance sports. If this is the case Mini will be a game changer, it will allow you to do your favorite sports with fewer distractions.

What's more, the shorter headphone band will improve your experience of resting your head back or lying down. Better for when you are sitting in a train or plane seat and using the head to rest. You may be wondering whether a smaller size means there will be some differences in the weight, the answer is an absolute yes! A lighter body means less tension on your ears and is closer to a feeling of weightlessness.

In summary, OpenRun Pro Mini will be more stable, more comfortable, and even lighter if you have a narrow or small head.

Openrun Pro or Openrun Pro Mini?

Bone Conduction Technology

Shokz headphones use bone conduction technology to send sound waves through your cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving your ear canal open. A lightweight band goes around the back of your head and ear hooks rest lightly on the tops of your ears to place the transducers on your cheekbones just in front of your ears, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Open ear listening means you can hear the ambient noise of the world around you, frees you from ear pain or pressure, and is cleaner and more hygienic. Shokz bone conduction running headphones are perfect for those who like to listen to music while they train but don’t want to cut themselves off from their surroundings.

Whether you choose OpenRun or OpenRun Mini, bone-conduction headphones will soon become your favorite training partner!


  • Bone Conduction Technology: 9th Generation
  • Battery Life: 10 Hours
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour
  • Standby Time: Up To 10 Days
  • Quick Charge: Yes
  • Sweat & Water Resistance: IP55 Sweatproof (Against Splashing Water)
  • Bluetooth Versions: Bluetooth® V5.1
  • Materials: Full Titanium

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