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Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones

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Shokz (formerly Aftershokz) headphones use bone-conduction which is a natural part of our everyday hearing, to channel micro-vibrations through the wearer's cheekbones and ear canal. This provides crisp audio delivery without compromise of spacial awareness which is ideal for use in congested areas.

Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones
Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones

Aftershokz have recently changed their brand name to Shokz. Please see the Aftershokz / Shokz website for more details.

Introducing OpenRun Pro, our most premium headphones ever. They pack an enhanced bass, a 10-hour battery life, and quick-charge feature. The newest 9th generation of bone conduction technology (called Shokz TurboPitchTM technology) and a refined design. All with our signature situational awareness and comfortable fit you know and love. Music is meant to make you move, OpenRun Pro make that happen.



Open-Ear Comfort

Featuring our proprietary bone conduction technology with an open-ear design that does not block your ear canal, OpenRun Pro ensures all-day comfort for intense endurance workouts.

Enjoy Enhanced Bass With Incredible Depth

OpenRun Pro is engineered with 9th generation bone conduction technology (named as Shokz TurboPitch™ technology) to provide crisp and clear midrange to high frequency sound. Two added bass enhancers allow you to experience every note, beat and chorus of your favorite audio, resulting in premium sound quality.

10 Hours of Music & Calls Quick-Charge

10 hours of music and calls to keep you powered up through long training sessions. OpenRun Pro also features a 5-minute Quick Charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life.①

Dual Noise-Canceling Microphone

Take a call no matter where you are working out. OpenRun Pro is equipped with dual noise-canceling microphones for crystal-clear calls for both of you.

IP55 Sweatproof

With an IP55 rating that weathers dust and moisture, OpenRun Pro is durable enough to withstand rainy runs, sweaty rides, or gritty conditions.

Situational Awareness for Safety

Crush your training goals and stay aware of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, and more with OpenRun Pro. Enjoy peace of mind that you can hear the world around you while you cycle, run, and take on any challenge.

Secure Fit

A wraparound titanium frame ensures a secure fit that will stay in place during any workout, run, or competition. No worries about headphones falling off.

Shokz App

Download now for easy pairing (Bluetooth 5.1), multipoint pairing, listening customization, and user tips. You can also customize your listening experience with the choice of two EQ settings (Standard or Vocal Booster).

Be Open to Pushing Your Limits.

Enhanced Bass. Longer Battery Life. Experience the Open-ear Listening with Enhanced Bass to Fuel Up Your Sport

What’s In The Box

  • OpenRun Bone Conduction Sports Headphone
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Carrying case

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