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Shokz Openrun Headphones

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Shokz (formerly Aftershokz) headphones use bone-conduction which is a natural part of our everyday hearing, to channel micro-vibrations through the wearer's cheekbones and ear canal. This provides crisp audio delivery without compromise of spacial awareness which is ideal for use in congested areas.

Shokz Openrun Headphones
Shokz Openrun Headphones Shokz Openrun Headphones Shokz Openrun Headphones Shokz Openrun Headphones

Aftershokz have recently changed their brand name to Shokz. Please see the Aftershokz / Shokz website for more details.

OpenRun (Quick charge version of Aeropex): Aeropex are the top selling model of Shokz. Now they have been updated with a quick-charge feature and re-named as OpenRun. A 10-minute quick charge gives you 1.5 hours of listening time so you can get on-the-go fast!


Quick Charge

A 10-minute quick charge guarantees 1.5 hours of listening time. OpenRun is always the best running partner ready to fuel up your exercise.

26g (Lightweight + Comfortable)

With a buds-free listening experience, soft-touch silicone coating and ultra-lightweight design, OpenRun(Quick Charge Version of Aeropex) brings you all-day comfort no matter what challenges you take on.

Open-Ear Listening Stay Aware and Safe

Be open to the world around you. Open-ear design allows you to hear music and traffic at the same time. Whether you are running on the streets or biking in the mountains, OpenRun( Quick Charge Version of Aeropex) brings a high-quality hearing experience without compromising on safety.

Full Titatium Fit, Stability for Sports

Wraparound titanium frame ensures a secure fit that will stay in place during any workout or adventure. Move with freedom and confidence, even during dynamic workouts such as jumping or yoga inversions.

Cutting-Edge Crystal-Clear Audio Experience

Re-engineered technology PremiumPitch™ 2.0+ delivers the widest dynamic stereo sound that bone conduction technology can offer. Say hello to deeper bass, less vibration and louder volume.

IP61 Water-Resistant Standard - Unrivaled As You Are

IP67 Water Resistant standard keeps your headphones safe from splashes, sweat, and even getting caught in the rain.

8 Hours of Non-Stop Listening, Power On and On

Power up to 8 hours of music and calls. With OpenRun(quick charge version of Aeropex), you can blaze through your long day.

Seamless Connection - Amazing Call Quality

Equipped with a Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip, dual-mics and CVC algorithm to sharply separate your voice from background noise, you can experience clear and stable calls on the move.

What’s In The Box

  • OpenRun Bone Conduction Sports Headphone
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Carrying bag

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