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Shokz Openmove Headphones

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Shokz (formerly Aftershokz) headphones use bone-conduction which is a natural part of our everyday hearing, to channel micro-vibrations through the wearer's cheekbones and ear canal. This provides crisp audio delivery without compromise of spacial awareness which is ideal for use in congested areas.

Shokz Openmove Headphones
Shokz Openmove Headphones Shokz Openmove Headphones Shokz Openmove Headphones Shokz Openmove Headphones

Aftershokz have recently changed their brand name to Shokz. Please see the Aftershokz / Shokz website for more details.

OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday use. Bringing you best-in-class bone conduction technology, our signature open-ear design, and comfortable, safe listening at an entry-level price.

Our Most Powerful Chip:

Bluetooth 5.0 brings a quick and stable connection. Range of up to 33ft (10 metres).

Stay Aware, Stay Safe:

OpenMove headphones allow the sound of traffic and music to be heard at the same time.

Open-Ear Comfort

Pain free listening with nothing in or over your ears

Enhanced Audio

Patented 7th generation of bone conduction technology delivers superior dynamic stereo sound.

Crystal Clear Sound For Stable Calls

The duo noise-cancelling microphone eliminates ambient noise for a stable connection for phone and video calls.


  • Open-ear comfort
  • 6 hours of music+calls
  • IP55 sweat resistant
  • 29g
  • Best In Class Entry-Level Bone Conduction Headphones

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