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Bike Shield Frame Protection Oversize Film - Full Pack

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BrandBike Shield
Bike Shield keeps your bike in mint condition by protecting it from scratches, grit and stones. It offers clear advantages over other products, on the bike it is invisible. Peel it off and the frames is like new!
Bike Shield Frame Protection Oversize Film - Full Pack

Bike Shield protects your frame from scratches and chips, keeping it in the best possible condition for longer. By protecting the paintwork, you can maintain the integrity of the frame material and prolong the lifespan of your bike.

This pack includes 10 pieces of clear film, which are shaped to cover specific parts of the frame. The film is clear, so the effect is discreet and won't spoil the look of your bike. Easy to remove should you need to.


  • 2 Tube Shield (10x50cm)
  • 3 piece Stay Shield Kit
  • 5 piece Cable Shield

  • Features:

  • Ultra-tough protection
  • Self-healing when cut
  • Easy to apply or remove by hand
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Invisible on the bike
  • Will not yellow with age
  • Long lasting

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