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Knog Oi Luxe Bell


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Launched in 2003, Knog started with their awesome silicon lights with super-bright LED's and would attach to almost anything (without slipping or scratching your bike!) Today, they have an huge range of excellent Lights, Locks, Computers and Tools.
Knog Oi Luxe Bell
Knog Oi Luxe Bell Knog Oi Luxe Bell Knog Oi Luxe Bell Knog Oi Luxe Bell Knog Oi Luxe Bell Knog Oi Luxe Bell

The Knog Oi Luxe is a high quality bell with a beatuiful sound. Minimal intrusion on your cockpit with a nice slim profile, but with maximum effect when you're creeping up behind someone.

Suitable for virtually all handlebar diameters, it even has slots within the clamp to accommodate under-bar cables. A faux leather shim is a nice finishing touch, and prevents damage to the bar whilst increasing clamp grip.


  • CNC Machined
  • Distinctive tone
  • Faux leather shim
  • Low profile won't interfere with cockpit
  • Metal trigger, hammer and bell for best sound and high durability
  • Fits handlebar diameters: 23.8 - 31.8mm
  • The large and small will have slightly different tones, the smaller being slightly higher pitch

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