Karcher OC3 Universal Brush

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Karcher specialises in the production of innovative indoor / outdoor pressure washers individually designed for specific purposes. Here you will find low-pressure models to keep your bike in top condition. Great to have in the car once your trail run is over to keep your interior mud-free.

Karcher OC3 Universal Brush

This handy brush attachment fits to the end of the trigger gun on the Karcher OC3 Portable Washer. Use it to help remove stubborn dirt from bikes, shoes, prams etc... The water comes out through the brush attachment so you can wash away dirt as you loosen it with the bristles. The bristles on this brush are gentle enough to protect delicate surfaces.

  • Attaches to trigger gun
  • Soft bristles won't damage paintwork
  • All round bristles for cleaning at any angle

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