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O'Neal STV Short Sleeve Body Armour

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From the 1960’s the sport of motocross has developed, and from the start O’NEAL has been one of the pioneers and innovators of MX clothing. 

Jim O’Neal was an MX rider during the birth and initial growth of the sport.

Jim was driven by a need to help his fellow riders (and himself) achieve more on bikes with equipment that was designed specifically for their needs.

O'Neal STV Short Sleeve Body Armour
O'Neal STV Short Sleeve Body Armour O'Neal STV Short Sleeve Body Armour

The O'Neal STV Body Armour incorporates removable IPX pads into the main contact points i.e. shoulders, sternum, back and side ribs, to protect your precious flesh and bones from the merciless trail floor. Zip up front for easy on/off, with super breathable and moisture-wicking Lycra construction.


  • Long-Sleeved Lightweight Protector Jacket With Lycra Stretch Material
  • Easy To Put On And Take Off Thanks To A Center Zipper
  • Embossed Chest, Back And Kidney Pads
  • IPX Shoulder Protection With Internal Pocket
  • Removable IPX Pads
  • EN-1621 Certified
  • Mesh Back For Ventilation
  • Neckbrace Compatible Design

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