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Kinetic Cone Cups


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BrandKinetic By Kurt
Kurt started in the cycling industry manufacturing trainer frames for a competitor. When the competitor went bankrupt in 1999, Kurt decided to apply its precision manufacturing expertise to build its own bike trainers. The rest is history!
Kinetic Cone Cups

The Kinetic Cone Cups are made to ensure that pretty much any bike can fit on their turbo trainers. With a range of axle and nut diameters, thicknesses, odd bits here and there, correct fitment could be a nightmare... But it doesn't have to be thanks to these.


  • 19-22mm is designed for BMX Axles that use a 19mm nut. If your BMX Has a 17mm nut you will have to change it out for a 19mm.

  • The chain actuated cone is for rear hubs that use an internally geared hub such as Sturmey Archer, where the actuation chain enters through the centre of the axle.

  • The shallow cone is a solution for the Trek Speed Concept frame that requires a smaller outer diameter cone on the drive side. All Kinetic trainers after 2009 will accommodate this type of frame, but it can mark it. This new part is ideal.

  • The slotted cone is for the cam lever side of the QR skewer when installed to the trainer. It will accommodate plenty of skewers but Kinetic works best.

  • The standard cones are replacements for what are included with Kinetic trainers - These work with almost all QR rear wheel bikes and require a QR turbo skewer.

  • The track cone cups are for 10mm axles with a 15mm nut which are applied to most track bikes.