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MilKit 0.6 Litre Bottle with Booster Head

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MilKit 0.6 Litre Bottle with Booster Head
MilKit 0.6 Litre Bottle with Booster Head MilKit 0.6 Litre Bottle with Booster Head

A lightweight, easy to use and highly effective tubeless inflation system consisting an Aluminium canister that doubles as a water bottle, threaded tyre booster and regular threaded bottle cap.

Just add the booster to the bottle, attach your pump of choice (bigger the better) and ramp it up to 160psi. This is now a highly pressurised cannon designed to seat mischievous tyre beads instantly, priming the wheel for sealant injection.

Be sure to thoroughly clean after each use if you entend on drinking from it too...

Package includes 1x 0.6L Aluminium bottle, threaded bottle cap, threaded tyre booster with standard Presta valve and a drawstring bag for the head unit not currently in use.


  • 0.6 Litre recommended for lower volume road / touring / cyclocross tyres
  • 0.6 Litre lightweight Aluminium bottle doubles as drinking vessel
  • Comes with tyre booster head and regular bottle cap depending how you want to use the bottle
  • Drawstring bag for the head that is not currently in use
  • Almost guaranteed to seat any tubeless tyre instantly with 160psi rating
  • Standard Presta valve accepts all Presta headed pumps
  • Maximum 160psi rating - DO NOT EXCEED