MET Roam MIPS 2019 Helmet

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Located in Italian Alps, MET has been one the world's leading manufacturers of high quality bicycle helmets since forming in 1987. Worn by multiple World champions, 20+ years of experience, 30 strict quality controls, 3 years warranty.
MET Roam MIPS 2019 Helmet

The MET Roam MIPS is a high quality enduro trail helmet which offers substantial protection against hard-going riders who may be posing more of a risk to themselves than the typical mountain biker. Packed with features to enhance your riding experience and to give you peace of mind when you're roasting those dirt waves.

The durable plastic in-mould outer shell and lightweight 1-piece Polystyrene inner core surround an extra MIPS membrane that further dissipates irregular impact forces by mimicking the function of the brain's meningeal layers. Thus reducing the force of even the hardest slams significantly - it's definitely worth having if you're going all out on the trail.

Additionally the helmet features a goggle-friendly lift up visor with functional contours to keep the straps in place, a fully adjustable Safe-T fit system for stability, and comfortable moisture-wicking padding that can be worn all day long.


  • In-mould 3-piece plastic outer shell construction
  • Shock absorbing Polystyrene inner construction
  • Extended temple and rear coverage
  • Adjustable visor lifts to accommodate goggles when not being worn
  • MIPS: Multi-directional Impact Protection System - offers additional impact absorption
  • Also available without MIPS
  • Camera mount / light mount friendly vents
  • 22 vents in total
  • Airflow channels on the brow reduce goggle / glasses fog
  • High surface area padding for comfort and stability - hand washable
  • Safe-T Mid adjustment system
  • Weight: 52-56cm = 280g / 56-58cm = 300g / 58-62cm = 320g

If your preferred colour or size isn't listed just give us a call.

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