Karcher OC3 Adventure Accessory Box

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Karcher specialises in the production of innovative indoor / outdoor pressure washers individually designed for specific purposes. Here you will find low-pressure models to keep your bike in top condition. Great to have in the car once your trail run is over to keep your interior mud-free.

Karcher OC3 Adventure Accessory Box

The Karcher OC3 Adventure Accessory Box adds an extra element of versatility to your OC3 Portable Washer. This is the ideal addition for Cyclists, hikers or other outdoor enthusiasts. The box itself clips onto the bottom of the washer and contains the Universal Brush attachment, along with the OC3 Suction Hose. The brush helps you to get off any stubborn dirt more easily. The suction hose works as an alternative to the water tank, allowing you to draw water from an alternative, larger water source. You can also use the box to store any additional items you need, such as cleaning cloths, chain lube, and so on...

  • Clips to the bottom of the Karcher OC3 Washer
  • Dimensions: 229 x 221 x 108mm (L x W x H)
  • Includes: Universal Brush, Suction Hose

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