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Donnelly MXP 700c Clincher SC CX Tyre

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Donnelly MXP 700c Clincher SC CX Tyre

The Donnelly MXP is an all-condition Cyclocross tyre, featuring a classic profile, with the addition of aggressive side knobs for great control in the corners. This is a tyre which performs superbly well on a variety of terrain, including grass, loose dirt, sand, mud and hardpack or tarmac. The tread pattern down the centre of the tyre has a chevron design, helping it to bite into the dirt. Each chevron has precise grooves in it to allow it to flex. The supple rubber compound offers excellent traction.

If you're wondering what MXP stands for, it is actually the airport code for Milan, Italy, site of a famous World Cup Cyclocross venue.

Product Features:

  • Centre chevrons and staggered side knobs for all-conditions
  • Side knobs offer superior cornering
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption
  • Precision design creates a straight tyre with no variances in size or alignment
  • This tyre should be used with a tube and not set up tubeless
  • Size: 700 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • TPI: 120

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