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Donnelly BOS 700c Tubeless SC CX Tyre

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Donnelly BOS 700c Tubeless SC CX Tyre

The Donnelly BOS is an aggressive Cyclocross tyre, designed to tackle whatever the course throws at you. The supple rubber compound provides excellent traction in even the harshest conditions and the buttressed side-knobs in the tread improve your cornering capabilities in mud or off-camber sections. The tread pattern down the centre of the tyre is designed to really bite in to the mud for good straight line speed, transferring as much of your energy as possible into forward momentum.

If you're wondering what BOS stands for, it's the airport code for Boston, Massachusetts - the original hotbed of North American Cyclocross...

Product Features:

  • Buttressed side-knobs for superior cornering traction
  • Unique centre knob pattern designed for maximum traction when you need it most
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption
  • Tubeless-ready design mounts easily to most tubeless ready rims
  • Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead
  • Precision design creates a straight tyre with no variances in size or alignment
  • Can be used tubeless or with a tube
  • Size: 700 x 33mm
  • Weight: 456g

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