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Flat Tyre Defender Gravel 26 / 27.5 Foam Insert Set

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BrandFlat Tyre Defender
Flat Tyre Defender Gravel 26 / 27.5 Foam Insert Set

Flat Tyre Defenders specialise in... well... defending you from flat tyres! A simple yet ingenious solution to preventing rim dings on heavy impacts, or having to push home if you rip your rubber.

The dense, closed cell foam tubes sit between the tyre beads and leave plenty of room for sealant on the outside, providing high levels of impact protection for the rim and tyre in the event of deflation or bottoming out. Even when the tyre is completely flat, they can get you home no problem.

Additionally the Flat Tyre Defender will roll over the rim edge with the tyre when subjected to sharp fast cornering, reducing tyre roll and enabling you to maintain your speed with greater control.

The Gravel 26 / 27.5 series is for your everyday mountain bike, with a 1.90-2.20" tyre tolerance and compatibility with both 26" and 27.5" rims. Invaluable if you're commuting - just ensure you make your wheels tubeless compatible if they aren't already.


  • Fits 1.90" to 2.20" width tyres
  • Pinch flat protection
  • Allows lower tire pressure for increased traction
  • Minimises tire bead burping, with a tighter bead set
  • Minimizes tire & rim damage
  • Tubeless application only
  • Light Weight - high quality, very durable foam material
  • Foam Insert is airless