Muc-Off Amino Ultra Endurance Cream

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Muc-Off is a renowned British brand that specialises in bicycle and automobile cleaning products as well as personal bodycare. Offering a comprehensive range of duty-specific concoctions and tools for every aspect of component cleaning, and also various ointments and balms to keep your skin healthy if you're regularly subjected to the elements.

Muc-Off Amino Ultra Endurance Cream

Part of the Athlete Performance range, the Muc-Off Amino Cream is designed to help you go further and for longer, achieving the best possible results.

During intense training and competition, waste products like ammoniac and lactic acid can build up and lead to muscle burn and fatigue which decrease your performance. Ultra Endurance Cream directly combats muscle fatigue and allows yours muscles to perform at their best for longer.


  • Developed specifically for Endurance sports to help combat lactic acid build up
  • Featuring our ground breaking 'Amino Patch Technology'
  • Increases muscle's cell volume capacity, achieving greater muscle/protein synthesis
  • A non-toxic, skin friendly, plant derived natural formula
  • Does not interfere with the bodies digestive system
  • The Amino Taurine helps convert Glycogen into Glucose which is your muscles main fuel.

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