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Adie Front Mesh Basket with QR Bracket

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Adie has been making products for your everyday cycling needs and supporting the bicycle trade for over 70 years. Adie is synonymous with products such as cycle baskets, bells, trouser bands and stabilisers (which are CEN certificated by the TUV)
Adie Front Mesh Basket with QR Bracket

Lightweight, no-nonsense Basket for carrying shopping, your handbag, even a cat or a small dog! The quick and convenient way of carrying items on your bike with a Quick-Release mechanism and handle for taking it off the bike and carrying your things with you (ideal for walking round the shops!)

  • Lightweight Mesh Construction
  • Quick Release Bracket Included
  • Large Carrying Capacity
  • Carry Handle for simply removing from your bike and using as a shopping bag
  • Colour: Black

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