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ProtoTape Regular Kit Frame Protection

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ProtoTape Regular Kit Frame Protection

ProtoTape make high quality vinyl self adhesive frame protection, helping prevent cable rub and scratches. The tape is very easy to install and can be used wherever you like. Since the tape is clear, it will not spoil the appearance of your bike.


  • 500 microns PVC
  • Unique UV Texture, triple layers for more protection
  • Cool look&feel texture
  • The kit has been designed for easy installation
  • High quality material, it does not degrade or yellow over time

15 parts for a universal protection system:

  • 1 part for the down tube
  • 6 arrow parts for extending the down tube
  • 1 arrow to protect the horizontal tube from the trigger/suspension command
  • 2 circles for cable wear protection
  • 4 elliptical shape and 1 round logo