661 Rage Knee Pads

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661 was established just before the turn of the millennium and they have since developed a massive catalogue of quality protective equipment to keep you covered whilst doing what you love. Full face, trail and freestyle helmets, elbow, shin and knee pads, gloves, body armour and shoes, as well as a concise range of seasonal apparel...

661 Rage Knee Pads

Brand new for 2016, the Rage Knee Pads were designed with the help of professional downhill rider Loic Bruni. Light enough and breathable for climbing, with extended coverage for the descent.

The Rage series incorporates the new PADLOCK system. This technology allows you to connect protection pieces together so your pads will not slip out of place, no matter how you move. Connect these pads to the

Evo Shorts


  • Brand new low profile chassis that has a larger knee protection area
  • PADLOCK connection system
  • Internal flexible knee impact cap covered by Kevlar
  • Stretch mesh sandwiches dense perforated impact EVA on the inside and outside of knee
  • Rear of pad is breathable stretch mesh
  • Internal silicon printing on top and bottom elastic and in knee pocket area holds the pads in place

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